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Welcome to Shaolin Temple UK

Welcome to Shaolin Temple UK

We are proud to announce that this is the official Shaolin Temple branch here in the UK setup by the legendary Shifu Shi Yanzi, 34th generation fighting monks.

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Shaolin Temple UK is the leading Sanshou school in the UK

Shifu Yan Zi

34th Generation Shaolin master from the shaolin temple

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Shaolin Kung Fu Summer Trip

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Shaolin Temple UK presents an exciting summer trip to its sister Shaolin Combat School, in Henan province, China. There you will explore the roots of Shaolin Kung Fu and experience the true ways of Shaolin life. You will be training everyday and learning about Ch’an Buddhism with Shifu Shi Yanzi. This is an amazing opportunity to enter the origins of Shaolin and find its truth, please sign up, limited places!

Date: 1st August 2015 – 31st August 2015 (est.)

Please note: there is no obligation to stay for the entire month, so you can arrive when it is convenient for you, but book early as there are only 30 limited places available.


  • Members: £1000 for the entire month, £300/week, or £50/day
  • Non-members:  £1200 for the entire month, £350/week or £50/day

Services and activities included in the package are:

  • Bus pick-up from Zhengzhou airport or train station to the Shaolin area, drop-off from Shaolin area to Zhengzhou airport or train station (not included if staying for less than a week)
  • Shaolin Gong fu training (qigong, traditional forms, sanshou and sparring)
  • Chan (Zen) Buddhism study and meditation
  • Food (beverages are not included)
  • Accommodation (shared rooms)
  • Visit to the nearby Shaolin Temple and surrounding UNESCO cultural heritage sites – Damo’s cave, Pagoda forest, trekking through the Songshang mountain range.
  • Visit to the family related to Xuanzang in Luoyang (the monk who brought back Buddhist scriptures as told in Journey to the West)

Your own participation:

  • Visa – Shaolin Temple UK will help in the visa application process, but visa fees are to be paid by you.
  • You are responsible for buying plane or train tickets to and from Zhengzhou.
  • Bring and buy your own beverages.
  • Pay for travel insurance.


Flights to and from China are paid by you. Group flights will be booked, a deposit will be required. You may wish to book your own flights but please let us know!

Those who have signed up already, please call to confirm participation.

Please note that the Shaolin Combat School is available for you to visit anytime, the summer trip is a group visit.

Message from Shifu Yanzi

The goal for the Shaolin Temple in the UK is to promote real Gong fu practice in the traditional form, Shaolin’s famous Qi gong internal techniques as well as the free fighting application of San Shou.

Please enjoy the experience within the site – video clips and images to view as well as plenty of informative literature about the Shaolin Temple culture.

Thank you,
Shi Yanzi
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