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Shifu Shi Yanzi

34th Generation shaolin fighting monk from the shaolin temple

Shifu Shi Yan Zi is one of the chief disciples of the Shi Yong Xin, Abbot of the Shaolin Temple in China, and a prominent GongFu master among the 34th generation Shaolin monks. In 1983 Shi Yan Zi was trained at the Martial Arts College of Shaolin and became a disciple of the Abbot Shi Yong Xin in 1987. Since then Shifu Yan Zi practised Chan (Buddhist meditation) and GongFu in the Shaolin Temple for ten years and eventually mastered Shaolin QiGong, traditional styles of martial art, Sanshou, and other top levels and unique styles of Shaolin GongFu.

During his ten years of training under the instruction of the Abbot Shi YongXin, Shi Yan Zi in the Shaiolin Temple, not only mastered the skills of Chan and Gong Fu, but also built up honest and frank characters. Being instructed by the Abbot, Shi Yan Zi with his own effort was upgraded to the top rank of Shaolin GongFu trainees and finally his mastery of various styles of Shaolin GongFu, including Shaolin Sanshou, Steel jacket, and Xin Yi Ba (mastery of mind and form), has credited him a Shaolin Gong Fu Master after many competitions.


Xin Yi Ba is a unique Gong Fu of the Shaolin Temple, and it consists of twelve skills. Mastery of each skill can produce strong power and can easily defeat many kinds of attack. Xin Yi Ba requires the practioners to have its fighting skill and forms of fighting, and essentially requires the practioners to undestand all its teachings and to correctly use them. All these abilities of understanding and using Xin Yi Ba Gong Fu can be gained through really individual practice and practices with others.

After years of practice, Shi Yan Zi has enlightened himself about the essence of Xin Yi Ba Gong Fu and is able to able to apply it in many styles of martial art and gong fu. Because of this he was sent by the abbot of Shaolin Temple to participate in many conferences and martial art and gongfu competitions throughout the world. By applying the essence of Xin Yi Ba teachings Shi Yan Zi constantly won in many rings for contest in martial arts and gongfu in the national and international levels. These also prove that all skills of shaolin gongfu he mastered are useful and practicable in real contest. Hence he became one who truly mastered and inherited Shaolin Sanshou and Xin Yi Ba, the unique skills of the Shaolin Temple. It it is said that masterd one skill of Xin Yi Ba is better than many hundred skills.

Shifu Shi Yan Zi says “our Shaolin Temple Gong Fu is the gongfu of Chan: it is also the Chan of Gong Fu. It is a bright path which can lead the practitioners to the top unification of Chan and Gong Fu.”

Further he says, “when one understands the essence of Chan and realises the nature of Chan one will gain the result of practising Chan; when one understands the essence of GongFu and realises the nature of Gong Fu one is able to reach the top Gong Fu through practice. “ This statement is a good explanation of the Abbot Xi Yong Xin’s theory, “ The oneness of Cahn and Fist (boxing)”.