The Inauguration Of Abbot Shi Yong Xin

A Dharma gathering was held between August 19 and 20, 1999, in the Shaolin Monastery, Songshan, China, for Buddhist Master Yong Xin to take office as abbot. He is the thirteenth successor after Buddhist abbot Xue Ting Fu Yu.

The Shaolin Monastery has experienced a 1,500 year history since its establishment in 495 A.D, during the reign of the North Wei Dynasty. It is the Biggest school of Buddhism in China since the Tang Dynasty. During this long period, a unique kung fu art was developed combining Zen doctrine and martial arts, the most impressive symbol of Chinese nationality.

The new abbot and Buddhist Master Yong Xin has been a monk since his childhood and followed in the footsteps of the previous abbot, Xin Zheng. In the past twenty years after the former abbot passed away in 1987, Master Yong Xin has taken on the duty to help Buddhism flourish. He has completed many works for Shaolin, reforming the Dharma hall, bell tower, drum tower, and has compiled and classified the cultural relics of the Shaolin Monastery.

Master Yong Xin has also published his writings and issued magazines,and promoted various Buddhist activities. He is also engaged in domestic and foreign exchanges. The recovery and development of the Shaolin Monastery are attributed to his tenacious work. His work is praised by the government, celebrities, and widely respected by Buddhists.

Master Yong Xin has even been recommended and is now elected as chairman of Henan Province Buddhists Association, representative of Ninth National People's congress. Buddhist Master Yong Xin deserves the honor and position of abbot of Shaolin Monastery, and the congratulations from people and heaven.