Free Chan Meditation class


18: 30 -20:30 | Suitable for all ages

Chan Meditation focus on allowing the busy and agitated mind to clam down naturally. The focus further allow the calmed mind to develop into a clear mind. Admission is free.

Meditation and Qi gong Class

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday

18: 30 -19:00 30 minutes meditation | Suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. 

19:00-20:00 1hour Qigong| Suitable for all ages and all fitness levels

The 30 minutes meditation training is done to deepen our recognition of the power of the mind, building on the ideas of mindfulness and compassion.

The Power Within Shaolin Qi Gong Ba Duan Jing

Ba Duan Jing is made up of eight important movements from Shaolin Temple treasures Yi Jing and Xi Sui Jing. If you persevere with it you will improve your muscles and tendons and open the meridians in your body so that the Qi can flow easily. This will give you more energy, build up your immune system, strengthen your internal organs and slow down the ageing process. More....

San Shou


20:00-21:30 1.5 hour  | For all levels

Shaolin SanShou techniques are among the best in the world. This mental skill in the art of war; and the calm focus brought about by Zen Philosophy can teach you how to use your mind and heart to control yourself and your opponent in any situation.

Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan


20:00-21:301.5 hours | For all levels

Xiao Hong Quan is an important form from the Shaolin Temple. All students that wish to learn Shaolin Gongfu must learn Xiao Hong Quan first.


Preparation Class


20:00-21:00 1hour  | Suitable for beginners

Preparation is the entry level class, The class is explosive, featuring bursts of activity at the high intensity one needs to fight. Exercises like running on the spot, press ups and squats are all great for fitness and strengthening the body.


Foundation Class

Tuesday/ Thursday

20:00-21:30 1.5 hours | For students who have passed preparation exam

The fundamentals of the foundation class are the individual punches and kicks. When a student is starting the beginning level, he or she faces the hardest challenge.



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