Preparation & Foundation Exam (Kids&Adults) - 28th June

Preparation & Foundation Exam (Kids&Adults) - 28th June

We are pleased to announce the next preparation and foundation level exam. Passing these exams will allow you to advance to the next level of your Kungfu training. This is the opportunity to test your knowledge, as well as your physical fitness, mental strength, and skills. Qualities such as balance, stamina, flexibility and coordination will be examined. In addition, instructors will ask you questions to test your knowledge of Shaolin Gongfu.

Shaolin Temple UK Gong-Fu/ Qigong Workshop - with Grandmaster Shifu Yanzi

Shaolin Temple UK Gong-Fu/ Qigong Workshop-with Grandmaster Shifu Yanzi

Dear all Friends

Shifu Yanzi is a 34thgeneration Shaolin master from the Shaolin Temple in China and also the founder Shaolin Temple UK.

Shifu Yanzi is a world-renowned authority in Shaolin Combat, Qigong and Shaolin culture. 

While now fully based in China, Shifu occasionally returns to London for limited periods to continue to pass on knowledge and his teachings to his disciple (Shifu Hengjiu, Hengdao,  Hengshang and Hengdi). 

Due to popular demand,  he is also this same opportunity to the wider student body by setting up important workshops .

Shifu Yanzi with his next generation disciples will be holding workshops on Chan Meditation & Qigong , Kung-Fu form and Combat at Shaolin Temple UK.

You can’t afford to miss this rare opportunity to learn authentic Shaolin fighting treasures in London. 

Please book your spaces early as places are limited.

We welcome all people to join the workshop.

Exam Grading - Fri 29th June

Preparation and Foundation exam grading will take place on Friday 29th June, with Head Master Shifu Shi Yanzi invidulating.

Saturday Students are encouraged to attend. This is a chance to test what you have learnt, push to improve and better your skills.

Further details to be announced. Please contact us for any enquiries!

Friday 29th June

Grading Exam