Preparation & Foundation Exam (Kids&Adults) - 28th June

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Take yourself to the next level of your Shaolin Gongfu Training.

We are pleased to announce the next preparation and foundation level exam. Passing these exams will allow you to advance to the next level of your Kungfu training. This is the opportunity to test your knowledge, as well as your physical fitness, mental strength, and skills. Qualities such as balance, stamina, flexibility and coordination will be examined. In addition, instructors will ask you questions to test your knowledge of Shaolin Gongfu.

The exams will take place on 28th June 2019 for both kids and adults during regular class time. If you are planning to take the exams, please revise the content thoroughly and prepare yourself. To help you out please request a syllabus from the reception. the syllabus contains a list of all the moves you will be tested on as well as their Mandarin names.

Good Luck.