We have three main halls and an outdoor courtyard for training. There are also toilets, showers and saunas for both men and women.

Available for Hire

With large training spaces and a range of facilities, our school has been hired by boxing coaches, personal trainers, Taichi teachers, and so on. The Temple has also been the site of many film and photography shoots, as well as important cultural events. Our facilities include a fully-matted training hall, a full size boxing ring, a Buddha hall, showers and sauna, as well as a beautiful courtyard. If you are interested in hiring our space, please contact us.


A peaceful courtyard with a painted mural, bamboo trees, and a Koi fish pond, often used in the summer for training.

Chan Hall

The Chan Hall has soft matting and is usually used for Meditation and Qigong, Preparation and Forms classes. It is a 8m x 15m space. Strictly no shoes allowed inside.

Fist Hall

The Fist Hall has a full size ring, a row of bags, rubber posts and other training equipment.

Buddha Hall

This quiet space is usually reserved for those who want to spend some time alone. Ch’an Buddhism classes also take place here.


A quiet area with chairs, tables and bookshelves.

Changing Rooms

Men and women's changing rooms with lockers, toilets, showers and infra-red sauna.