+How often do you have beginners classes?

Beginners classes (Gong Fu Preparation) are held Mon-Thurs at 7:30pm – 8:30pm. Beginners Meditation and Qi Gong classes are held Monday and Wednesday at 6pm – 7:30pm. See the timetable for more details.

+How many classes are you expected to do a week?

For your self-improvement and general health you should do anything from/more than two classes a week. Some students do up to four classes an evening depending on their level. The Shaolin Masters understand that people have other commitments and may not be able to come as often as they would like. But if you want be professional fighters or instructors you should come as many times as you can otherwise you will not be able to reach your target!

+Can I come and watch a class?

Unfortunately there are no places for spectators at the Temple.

+Do I have to become a member immediately?


All new students are welcome to come and try one Qi Gong class and one Gong Fu Preparation class on a trial basis at £15 per class for adults and £10 per class for children. If after trying the classes you would like to join you will need to become a member after which there are various options for the payment of training fees.

+How much is the membership?

Adult membership is £100 and children’s membership is £35 per year for new and existing members. Once you are a member training fees can either be paid by monthly subscription which entitles you to attend as many classes as you wish or on a pay as you go basis.

+Do you have a family membership?


Two adults and one or more children from the same family can take out a Family Training Subscription.

+Can I pay monthly or do I have to pay every visit?

At Shaolin Temple UK we have a subscription system. This allows you to take out block payments, it also works out cheaper. Once you have a subscription it means that you can do as many classes in your level as you want. Using the current timetable (August 2005) you can do as many as 4 hours of training a night. On a pay as you go basis this would cost £8 per hour (£4 per hour for concessions). Multiply that by how many classes you would like to attend a month and you can see your savings.
The current subscription rate is:

  • Adult £99 per month
  • Student/concession £90
  • Child £50 per month
  • One day training £15 / per class training £15

If you wish to take advantage of this economical method of payment we will ask you to take out a direct debit. Many members take an annual subscription which offer excellent value. Adult Annual Training Subscription £720. Child Annual Training Subscription £360. Members who are not able to train as often as they would like may use a pay as you go method.

+Can I suspend my payments if I am not able to train?

Providing you notify us before the 20th day of the month before you are going to be away your membership can be suspended. The minimum period for suspension is one month. A small fee (currently £10) will continue to be taken during the period of your suspension to keep your membership open.

+Do you have children’s classes?


The Children’s class is held Mon – Fri at 4:30pm – 6:30pm and Saturday at 10am – 12am. Children under 18 years of age must have a legal guardian present to sign the application form when attending their first class.

+How do I become a member?

When you arrive at reception you should help yourself to an application form, fill this in on the front and back making sure you read and understand all the conditions.

+What are the benefits of being a member?

All members receive a Gold membership card. Members will then be entitled to class and workshop reductions as well as discounts on tickets for San Shou matches. Trips and Exams are for members only.

+What clothes should I wear to do the class?

When attending one your trial classes you should wear loose comfortable clothing that will allow you movement. Heavy sweat pants and top is not recommended. Training shoes should be non-marking and not dirty from outside use; they should be comfortable and have a good grip.

+Do you have a uniform?

Members must wear uniform when attending training. Shaolin Temple UK has its own uniform based on the training uniforms worn in the Shaolin Temple in China which is designed specially for training. It comes in a rust/black colour.

+Do you do grading exams?


Every 3 months we hold grading exams which are practical and written. They are carried out using the Chinese names for each movement which you will learn in your class. You must register and pay the exam fee to confirm a place in the exam.

On the day of exam:

  • All students need to wear full uniform
  • Have a relevant exam sheet (not folded)
  • The exam starts at 9:30am. Be on time!
  • Put your name on the list to confirm you have arrived.

The syllabuses are posted inside the school and near to exam time you will be able to buy a copy of the exam sheet to help you with your preparation.

+Where are your Masters from?

Shifu Shi Yanzi, Shifu Shi Yanlei and Disciples all have extensive experience of training in the Song Shan Shaolin Temple. Shifu Shi Yanzi is the only official representative of the Songshan Shaolin Temple present in the UK. His mandate to teach authentic Shaolin Gong Fu and run Shaolin Temple UK is provided directly from the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple.

+How many students in a class?

This question is often asked and very difficult to answer, however classes can consist of anything from 15 to 40 students.

+What is the nearest station and how far is Shaolin Temple UK from there?

We are no more than five minutes walk from Tufnell Park underground. When you come out of the station turn right out of the station and cross the two roads to the convenience store on the corner, opposite the Boston Arms Pub. Walk straight ahead down Junction Road and we are right next door to Pearce House. Walk down the drive way through the double red doors, go down the steps into the reception area where someone should be able to assist you.

+Is there somewhere I can put my bag when training?

We do have changing room lockers for daily use however you need to bring your own padlock with you. Changing room lockers are cleared every evening but we do have a limited number of permanent lockers in the Fist Hall entrance. Members wishing to have a permanent locker should ask at reception for availability.

+Do you have changing rooms?

Yes we have male and female changing rooms; space is limited but adequate for its use. There are also shower facilities available for both male and female.

+Can I park at STUK?

Parking is not permitted at any time within the Temple and cars must not be brought into the Temple. There is Pay and Display on nearby roads and after 6.30pm parking is free in metered zones and on single yellow lines. Motorcycles may be parked on the entrance slope provided they do not offer any obstruction and bicycles can be chained up on Shaolin Temple UK premises.