Location & Services: 


Both Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Combat School are based in the outskirts of Dengfeng city, which is a very small city. The nearest large city is Zhengzhou (2 hours drive).

Services in order of proximity to Shaolin Combat School:

  • 2 mins walk. Convenience stores selling drinks, snacks, food and basic things.
  • 20 mins bus ride. Dengfeng city centre, many shops, basic pharmacy.
  • 2 hours drive. Zhengzhou city, hospitals, train station, airport, most things available as it is a major city.

Address & Contact: 

Shaolin Temple International School. 
Leijia Gou viliage ,
Dengfeng City,
Henan Province,

Getting There:

The nearest airport to School is Zhengzhou Xin zheng Airport. The nearest city is Dengfeng city. There are regular flights and trains from Beijing to Zhengzhou.

We can provide pickup and drop off from Zhengzhou or xinzheng airport at £35 per one-way. You can share 1-3 people. Pickup and drop off from Dengfeng is provided free.

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