Batnyam Soyol-erdene


Batnyam Soyol-Erdene (Shi Heng Di) trained under WBF, WBO world boxing champion Choi Tseveenpurev from 2003-2005 in basic boxing, shadow boxing, pad work, skipping, bag work, fighting techniques and sparring.

bat trad

Introduced to Shaolin Gong Fu by 34th generation Shaolin disciple Shifu Shi Yan Zi and Shi Yan Lei, Bat started training at Shaolin temple UK from 2008, studying Shaolin Gong Fu, Qi Gong (Ba Duan Jing, Lohan 18 Palms) and traditional Shaolin forms Si Bi Quan, Xio Hong Quan and Shao Huo Gun directly under the tutelage of Shifu Shi Yan Zi. During this period he specialized in one of the Shaolin 72 styles, Iron legs.

Bat is now teaching at STUK after being trained by Shifu Shi Yan Zi in a teacher’s course to hold classes for beginners and foundation stages, as well as Qi Gong, and Shaolin forms. Bat currently holds:

  • Sports & nutrition diploma for one-to-one private health & fitness classes
  • Gold in the Sanda 65kg novice championships (2009)
  • Official British champion Sanda 65kg gold medal (2012)
  • Gold medal from the 1st European Shaolin Cultural Festival (2012)
  • Competed in world class event 'Hero Legends' (2014)