Shaolin Boxing Gloves

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GLOVES Shaolin temple uk.jpg
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Shaolin Boxing Gloves

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Shaolin Temple Boxing/Sparring Glove.

Real Hide Leather (foam and latex padding)

Attached thumb, ventilated palm

Wide Elasticated Velcro closing around wrist for extra support and protection

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Our boxing gloves have been designed specifically for the training done at the temple. Gloves should fit comfortably around the trainee’s hands. Glove are categorised and matched to the trainee based on weight and not size. Heavier gloves however are larger than lighter ones.The use of gloves is of critical importance as is allows the trainee to use the maximum amount of power in their hands without causing any damage to the body.

Here at the Shaloin Temple UK safety and the wellbeing of our trainees are of the utmost importance. For this reason you will not be able to fully participate in training without the proper boxing gloves.
Available colors: Black