Summer Shaolin Kungfu Camp 2018

From 26th July 2018 to 28th August 2018

Shaolin Temple UK is delighted to present you the Shaolin Kungfu Camp 2018. Shaolin Temple UK has been dedicated to promoting Shaolin culture, Kungfu, and Ch’an in the United Kingdom for two decades. Over these years, we had the honor to provide authentic Shaolin training for almost 5000 members. In the summer of 2015, we first decided to send our members to China, where they could embrace the origins of Shaolin and discover the true Shaolin wisdom. As our Kungfu camp enters its third year, we sincerely invite our members and friends to participate. Shaolin Kungfu Camp is operated in association with our sister school Shaolin Combat International School (SCIS) in China. SCIS incorporates traditional Shaolin Kungfu with combat movements. Instructed by Shifu Yanzi, students will inherit the authentic Shaolin combat skills. Additionally, participants will also learn about Ch’an Buddhism and Shaolin ideology with other Shaolin masters. The school is located only 2km away from the 1500- year-old Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou. Benefiting from its location, students will experience the true Shaolin way of living in SCIS. Shaolin Kungfu Camp welcomes everybody (members and non-members) ages from 10 to 60 years old. FEES (minimum of 14 days or the whole month):

  • £ 700 - 2 WEEKS
  • £ 1050 -  3 WEEKS
  • £1400 - I MONTH
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Fees not including:

  • Return flights to China are not covered. You will need to buy your own flights, apologies – we will not be booking group flights.
  • Travel between Zhengzhou and other places (we will cover travel costs between Zhengzhou and Shaolin Temple but not, for example, between Zhengzhou and Beijing)
  • Visas – Shaolin Temple UK will help with but not pay the visa.
  • Travel insurance.


Fees including:

  • Traning - 6days a week, 6 hours per day
  • Meal- We will provide Chinese style Breakfast, lunch and dinner, This will be healthy, hearty. Water is provided but not beverages like juice and soft drinks.
  • Accommodation- You will stay in a shared room with one or two other people , The room has an en-suite bathroom and air conditioning and heating. If you don’t want a shared room, should pay room extra fee.
  • Tickets – free of visit shoaling temple china, Damo’s cave, Pagoda forest, Songshan mountain range. Not include others Tickets


Location Services

Both Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Combat School are based in the outskirts of Dengfeng city, which is a very small city. The nearest large city is Zhengzhou (2 hours drive).Services in order of proximity to Shaolin Combat School:

  • 2 mins walk. Convenience stores selling drinks, snacks, food and basic things.
  • 20 mins bus ride. Dengfeng city centre, many shops, basic pharmacy.
  • 2 hours drive. Zhengzhou city, hospitals, train station, airport, most things available as it is a major city.



  • Shaolin Kung Fu Preparation training
  • Qigong, Ba duan Jing which is Shaolin Temple treasures.
  • Traditional forms
  • Sanshou and sparring)
  • Chan (Zen) Buddhism study and meditation


Shaolin Temple International School. Leijia Gou viliage , Dengfeng City , Henan Province, China.


Tel 0086-371-62746158

Mobile: 0086-13521217633


Getting There

The nearest airport to School is Zhengzhou Xin zheng Airport. The nearest city is Dengfeng city. There are regular flights and trains from Beijing to Zhengzhou. We can provide pickup and drop off from Zhengzhou or xinzheng airport at £35 per one-way. You can share 1-3 people. Pickup and drop off from Dengfeng is provided free.

What you need to provide

  • A valid passport and Chinese visa (Shaolin Temple UK can help with visa application).
  • your flight to China and travel to the venue (Dengfeng pickup and drop off is provided).
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Training clothes, running shoes, training shoes, flip flops or sandals, and towels.
  • Pocket money to buy soft drink, and snacks.

Cancellations: If you cancel 7days before your arrival date, we will be happy to refund you but a cancellation fee of £30.00 will be charged plus bank transfer fee or PayPal fee. If you cancel less than 7 days before your arrival date, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the total you have paid. If you cancel after you arrived there is no refund.

Shaolin Temple UK presents an exciting summer camp to its sister school Shaolin Temple Combat school, in Henan province, China. There you will explore the roots of Shaolin Kung Fu and experience the true ways of Shaolin life. You will be training everyday and learning about Ch’an Buddhism with Shifu Shi Yanzi and This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to train in the traditional ways and setting of Shaolin Kung Fu.