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Group Gong Fu Experience

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This is a great opportunity to experience the Chinese culture of Shaolin Kung Fu, regardless of age. Lectures are usually 1.5- 3 hours long and are divided into meditation qigong / gongfu / taichi. Shaolin master will explain the history and culture of Shaolin Kung Fu practice. We have successfully held a number of seminars, which have provided an unforgettable experience and good memories, for attendees from all walks of life.

这是一个很好的机会,去体验中国文化少林功夫,无论年龄大小,讲座主要分为maditation qigong/gongfu/taichi 讲座。通常是1.5-3小时。师傅会讲解少林历史和文化,练习少林功夫。我们已经成功举办了多次讲座。体验者都留下了难忘美好的记忆。受到各界人士的好评。